The Ulangar: Book I, Part 1

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ARGUMENT: This is the Book of Origins, where all things begin and all things meet their opposites.

Death and War I dream
of the Stars and Spirits of night
with brilliance high within
high without
And of Ulangar
the god-child who shaped mankind
the mortal who warred against the
hated One of man and beast

Oh Muse of my inner eye
under the brow of thy heavy foot
wilt thou not offer thy gift
illuminate my senses
Let me clutch that vision in my hand
to cultivate and bloom into words
still remembering that Vision of beauty
how glorious in answer
Allow my ears to hear thy kisses
let me grasp thy voice in my deepest mind
lest I loose it to the rampant winds of time
Beget my ideas and nurse them to manhood
else the whole will be for naught
Touch these weary hands and let them live
how grand the voice to give such vibrance
Exalted by thine name oh my Muse
without whom the sages lose wisdom
hounds are deaf and kings are beggars
Only thy words matter in this shriv’led
life so naked before thy touch
Envelop us in thy cloak and staves
one stave of joy one stave of sadness
for what means this dust without you
The answer lies beyond my reach
how your grasp as kept me tight
eliminating my fears and woes
Life is everything with thee
and nothing
without thee


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