The Ulangar: Book I, Part 2

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This continues Book I of my epic, The Ulangar, which was written between 1991 and 1996. Over the years, the original letters were lost between text file format changes. I’ve done my best to keep the originals by comparing the files against the last printed versions I have.

The flaming moon ascended to the Stars
carrying with it the essence of Ra’s sacred Light
which reflected into the eyes of two companions
one man one woman
with weapons clutched in their fists
The flat stone around they dug
moving points of scorched earth glistening in the dark
The man of the party when the glass was turned
chanted a song of an ancient rhyme
causing basal memories to be aroused in men
And the moon climbed higher
that crafty glinting moon ever watching
how beautiful in origin yet malign in manifestation
Time raced by as would a starving eagle in pursuit of prey
the victim would fall upon the ground
and fail to dodge the searing talons
grasping at its throat
eating its liver again and again
A bolt of blue burst from the yellow clouds
and descended upon the earthen gravel
and enveloped the mighty rock
O shimmering rune covered stone
how thy weight doth disguise thy purpose
Up the black monolith rose into the sky
as mist falls from the moistened mud
Into the clouds it rose
far away from the meddlings of men
opening a vast hole on the plane
painted in the darkest hue
with shape undreamed in Elucid’s word
Now did smells and sounds of the darkness rise to the earth
moving those not feeling blind
The none let go the dying ground
and buried their bodies into the soot
Endless journey to the Gate
unlocked with Silver Key
Both were neither here nor there
yet they floated with wind in their glory
trembling in the Cold
bundled about them
touching them like no other had
lovers are like strangers to the Cold and None
The woman did open her gems to black
and saw before her a gigantic gate
double doors made of precious stuff
lapis lazuli and jasper and open
revealing a floor of silver and gold
below mysteries unnamed and yet unsolved
The air contained remnants of
a presence of jasmine and rose
She also saw a great phantasm
clicking in the dark
scratching in the night
the Shadows hid in fear of the gate
not one fell upon it to hinder the Gate’s glory
as a beacon refuses to be slain by the rolling fog
The magléd face of Man did weep
His gems did view the Great Gate too
the Gate as his mind did view it
A Shadow moved out from the walls
cautious of each minute movement
avoiding e’r that monstrous lip
The None did perceive the Demon to speak
though no mouth was present upon his vaporous form
``Greetings to thee fair travelers from abroad
seekers of knowledge banned by thy Lords
There is only one way to leave this place
and he who possesses it is Knowledge
Thou may leave the grand city
whenever thou dost wish
But lest thou hast that sacred Knowledge
thou hast better follow me’‘
So thought the Terrible Shapeless One
and the darkness proceeded into the city
Woman with eyes Open did perceive
a sign on the brilliant Gate
and laughed to herself with Wisdom
and Man shook and trembled away from his Gate
weeping into the palace
Upon their entrance into the Blasted Tower
decorated with burning men and impaled bodies
twitching in their eternal life
Darkness did mutter ``Soon we shall pass
the Chamber of Doors
guarded by the Silent One
He sits in a corner with pleas for help
and screams of agony unceasing
The blacken’d walls with chis’léd windows
of faces twisted in endured anticipation
this his only sight
Rotting corpses and stale vomit
this his only odor
A knotted throne
this his only seat’‘
Indeed the Silent One did sit alone
in the corner of the circular room
three thousand meters in diameter
and a doméd ceiling half that distance
A white ring was before him and behind him
ten and three meters arc
A window next to the chair was mumbling
``The Tale The Tale
Tell me The Tale
The Tale The Tale’‘
and he sat without word or movement
The Shadow moved to a door on the wall
and led the pair to a sign a pact
and the window whispered ``The Tale The Tale’‘
and Lamaraz shifted his head
and the door did close
and the Silent One opened his maw
to begin a story


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