The True And Most High Revelation of Loki

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While discussing an apparent miracle occurrence of resuscitation from the dead, the topic of a deity causing said occurrence came up. I brought forward the question of which deity claimed Responsibility, when the Heavens open’d to my brain and the Divine Reception began.

It came to my attention the origin of All Miracle, All Misfortune, and All Deity. Its source was none other than an entity to which I shall name Loki, but could as well assign the name Coyote or Anansi or Bugs Bunny, for indeed this being desires nor demands any name, nor gender, and so I shall refer to It in a rotating assignment, as meets its nature.

All said Miracles and Misfortunes come from the Font of Loki, in an attempt to confuse and misdirect Humanity in Her pleasure. All forms of Deity are but Loki sewing distrust and clannish conviction between the many peoples. And so His only desire to bring mirth to Itself without concern for those on which such troubles conspire.


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