Hungry Book I

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Score: 5 solid, platinum trophies the size of a Volkswagon

Alright, so perhaps I’m a bit biased when reviewing this book, which you can purchase as a paperback or for Kindle or Nook. I won’t tell you how to buy a used copy, or how to overpay for it, though.

I don’t read romance novels, but this one grabs my attention. It has strong characters, a good plot and pacing, and hot romance action.

The story uses the plot of Jane Eyre, but puts it in a modern setting, and replaces the crazy, secret wife with a secret vampire. Even though it’s a paranormal romance with vampires, the focus isn’t on the vampire stuff, but rather on the developing relationship, and how our leading lady copes with the big reveal.

Readers of this blog can be let in on a secret. Soon after this book was published, some readers started asking about when the second book would be published. Well, I’m pleased to announce that The Vampire’s Wife, Hungry Book II, is being prepared for publication. It should be ready for purchase in about 2 weeks or less. However, you can get ahead by reading the first book now!


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