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This coding project is a long going project that I’ve been working on from time to time in the few spare hours I’ve had, and now it’s my top side-home-coding-project. I’ve been studying the general problem, and I think it’s finally in a stable enough form that it can start into real development. There’s still a ton of back-end work just to prove it out.

I’m adding light blog articles on that site just to keep people up with what’s going on over there, if anyone cares.

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I’m starting a new concept for an “album”, which is background music appropriate for hacking-style games. All these tracks are loopable.

Background music is an interesting thing, especially for games, where the song is expected to play many, many times, possibly for a long while. These songs can’t be annoying, but will need to be repetitive. For hacking style games, they tend to be trance style songs (so it’s not just ambient sound; it needs a beat).

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