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Less of a game, and more of a music explorer. This program examines a module music file, and allows you to choose how to thread the song together.

A module file contains a sequence of patterns. These patterns may be repeated in order to save space. The program discovers which patterns lead to other patterns, and allow you to choose which of the set of "next patterns" to listen to next. Since the song already has the pattern going to the chosen one, it should sound seamless to the ear. In a sense, you're exploring a maze of paths through the song.

The "goal" of the program is to click on a choice box when there's a decision. A gold bar on the box means that particular pattern doesn't have a choice associated with it. A green bar means that you have a choice, and a red bar indicates the final pattern of the song.

The source is located at my Source Forge project, GroboUtils. The mod player was originally written by Martin Cameron with the IBXM project, (c) 2008 I have since heavily altered it to work into this kind of game.

The songs supplied here all came from The Mod Archive.