Hero Band Revolution! 4k

Back to The Front

A 4k rhythm music game

To start the game, press the space bar. Hold down the corresponding key while the colored block's white boundary is within the white rectangle. Don't let the audience meter reach empty (the bottom of the screen), or your time in the spot light is over!

If this is your first time playing, please read the complete instructions below.

Hero Band Revolution! 4k Java Applet. Please enable Java applets for your browser. Current size: 4092 bytes



Audio Latency Notes

Due to limitations in the Java Sampled Sound API, I wasn't able to automatically adjust the latency between pushing samples to the API to when the sound is actually heard. Because of this, you'll need to manually adjust the sound yourself.

Ideally, the played note should be first heard when the leading white edge of the note block is covered by the Note Play Mark.

If you see a note pass the Note Play Mark, but don't hear its sound until a bit longer, then your computer has a longer audio latency than the current setting. Press "1" to increase the game's computation of your audio latency. Likewise, if the note is played before the note passes the Note Play Mark, press "2" to decrease the audio latency.

The current latency value is displayed in the lower left-hand corner. Since each operating system, and even different drivers for the same operating system, can have vastly different latency values, you will need to discover your own setting. The following table contains the latency values I've discovered on different computers:

Operating SystemLatency Value Range
Windows XP3 - 4
Linux ALSA with kernel 2.6.3013 - 15
Mac OS X Snow Leopard11

An alternate version of this game has an experimental control to eliminate the need of the manual latency controls: latency-test.html



The source is located at my Source Forge project, GroboUtils.