Shrincube! (4k)

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A cube-based puzzle.


Score at or below the "par" for that level, without a cube crushing your creature. You must use the power of Shrincube! to remove the cubes from your path.



The game keeps track of your progress through the levels by showing the total score and par in the upper-right hand side of the screen. Your score for the current level is shown in the upper-left hand side of the screen. The current level is just below that, in green. Scoring is marked by the total stroke count over the level par.

Once you activate Shrincube!, the game will count 1 stroke per rotation.


Click in the window below and press "space" to start

Shrincube (4k) Java applet. Please enable Java for your browser, or download it from the Java homepage.

Current size: 4382 bytes (jar) | 3913 bytes (pack200)

The source is located at my Source Forge project, GroboUtils, but it's only a template, and needs to be combined with a data file to create the final source file.