Rogue 4k

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Classic Rogue in 4k Java.

The Story:

You crossed a vast wasteland to reach the fabled Dungeons of McGuffin, where the Mad Mage lived for centuries, collecting monsters and creating items of immense power. Hungry, you descend its ancient stairs with your trusty lantern in hand. The journey was hard, but it was only beginning. Now you must fight off long-unknown creatures to gain treasure and fame, and return home a hero.

How To Play:

You move your character with the direction keys, exploring the vast dungeon. You will find items to aid you in your quest, and sleeping monsters, who hunger for your flesh.


The bottom of the screen shows messages as they happen in the game, as well as statistics about your character. If health reaches 0, the game is over. If food reaches 0, then your character begins starving, and the health starts to drop. Armor and attack are raised by wearing armor and wielding weapons. Health and food can be increased by using certain items.

The central window shows the currently explored map. Your character ('@') can move through the boxy rooms, and through doors ('+') that connect the rooms with passage ways. Monsters (represented by letters) may lurk in the rooms, and the rooms all hold items - gold ('$'), armor ('['), weapons ('/'), multiple-use magics ('*'), and single-use magics ('!').

Direction Keys: used to move your character, and when using an item. Move towards a monster to fight it.

You can press both directions at the same time as a replacement for the diagonals, which can help if you don't have easy access to the number pad (such as on most laptops),

Action Keys:

Click in the window below and press "space" to start

Rogue 4k Java applet. Please enable Java for your browser, or download it from the Java homepage.

Command Overview

Up / 8North>Descend a staircase ('>')
Left / 4Westwwear armor or wield weapon
Right / 6Eastgget item
Down / 2Southddrop item
Home / 7NWuuse item
PgUp / 9NE.wait, or use an item on yourself
End / 1SW  
PgDn / 3SE  

Current size: 5054 bytes (jar) | 4058 bytes (pack200)

The source is located at my Source Forge project, GroboUtils.