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JavaScript Links

You have the option of either hosting the files yourself, or pointing directly to this site. There are advantages and disadvantages between pointing your website directly to this site's version of the files, and locally hosting these files. Usually, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

Specifically, if the hosting provided by this project was to disappear, then all your web page links would no longer work. Though this may not seem to be a problem now, it means that you need to check your site to ensure its proper functioning. This can lead to link rot and death.

Another disadvantage with relying upon the remote hosting of the scripts lies in the compatibility of the scripts between versions. Much effort has been made on this site to protect external sites from version incompatibility, but the risk still remains.

Due to these inherent risks, this project no longer provides explicit links to the script files in question, and instead it recommends that you download the scripts using the links to the zip files above. If you insist on using a remote host, and understand these risks, then you can flex your web knowledge and uncover the links yourself.

Archived Versions

Each formal release of Web Video Snip , including the documentation, can be found on this site under its release version. Additionally, the current in-development release (not suitable for public consumption) is also available under its future version.

Here is a list of the versions:

In-Development Version

The in-development version can be accessed via the branch directories above, or by the special prefix If you're a developer and always want to use the beta version, you can use this reference. However, production websites should never use this link, as the API will most probably be changed during development.